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What is it that lights you up about your true love?


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Is there more to your love story than meets the eye?


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February 2010

Dear Lover,

It was no coincidence you met. You feel a connection with your significant other that you just can’t pinpoint, like you are certain you have been together for ages even though you feel like you just met. Or you have been together for years and feel like you are falling in love with each other for the first time. Or you have a strong relationship and wonder what it is that makes you so compatible? Or you are curious about the spiritual significance of your relationship. As far as you are concerned, there has never been anyone else. You finish each other’s sentences, you even read each other’s thoughts. You find yourself dreading what life might be like without the other in it.

Ever wonder why it works the way it does? Maybe you are curious what the spiritual significance is?  Wondering what you can do to enhance an already great relationship? Or interested in stirring up the passion you share in a new way, uncovering more about your union than meets the eye?

I’m Chanda Parkinson and I’m a Psychic Medium and Intuitive Coach who has been in a relationship with my husband Troy for more than thirteen years. I have helped hundreds seekers just like YOU discover the rich, deep secrets behind their relationships and to bring a new level of understanding and awareness to what makes the bond so unique, what to do to sustain that bond, and suggestions, intuitive advice and guidance on how to heat it up even further...surpassing the heights of passion previously known.

Now I realize I may not have the magic potion to heal and change what isn’t working about your relationship, but I have developed a unique and special formula that will lay out and detail for you the specific reasons why your relationship works the way it does. In addition I highlight what you can do to make it even better. And it IS possible to make it better!

Not only that, I will reveal for you how to improve and enhance things such as communication, sex, spontanaeity, creativity and fun with your lover. You’ll be left with insights so deeply moving, it will be just the breath of fresh air the two of you needed to enjoy each other on an even deeper level.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Passionately Yours,
Chanda Parkinson
Psychic Medium
Intuitive Coach
One Hot Mamma!

Here's what others have to say about my services...



Chanda’s work has brought much insight into our lives! We did a couples reading with her during selling a home, changing jobs and building a new home. She reassured us that we were indeed on the right track. We experienced her intuitive gifts which helped us relax and enjoy the building process. In addition, Chanda did an astrology compatibility report for us as a couple that helped us recognize differences in our personalities as well as traits that complement. Her messages are truly a blessing in our lives.
- Lynette, Hawley, MN



Chanda had been a trusted spiritual guide during the difficult process of ending my long-term marriage, and she continues to be so as I explore the possibilities of new relationships. Her amazing insights have been respectful not only of me, but of all involved. It has not been easy to have clarity when in the midst of the deep and often mixed emotions I've felt through this process, but Chanda's guidance has helped light the path I am walking on.
- Darcy, Fargo, ND



Chanda was a great help to us in seeing the strengths and weaknesses in our relationship.  She was instrumental in our understanding each other, how we may be different in the way that we communicate or how we go about getting what we want.  With that understanding we now see that it is OK to see things differently, but can understand where the other one is coming from. We are very grateful to Chanda for her insight and compassion. 
- Sheri and Tammy, Kansas City, MO



All marriages have bumps in the road! Over the last 2 1/2 years my husband and I have both had some major changes in our careers that affected every aspect of our marriage. It was a complete gift to have Chanda in our lives throughout these transitions. Chanda coached me through how to handle things with a little more grace and have the guidance of spirit to show us the way. Understanding your partner is a gift in itself- but having the guidance and tools I have learned over time from Chanda and the work she does will carry us through a lifetime together!
- Jodie, Fargo, ND


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