*PSYCHIC READINGS – Readings with Chanda are a combination of powerfully channeled guidance, your questions answered, spiritual insights, practical guidance for career, love relationships, life purpose and messages from loved ones. Chanda's specialty is being able to see with crystal clarity what the root of your challenges are, whether they be mental, spiritual or emotional, what may be stopping you from living life fully, and to assist you in creating the life you love.

–Book your 20 or 30 minute psychic reading NOW

- DISCOUNT readings...FOUR complete 30 minute phone or skype readings for only $300. Readings must be used within a year. BOOK NOW

*MINI-PSYCHIC BOOTCAMP- Want to know all about your spiritual gifts, karmic destiny, soul's urges and psychic abilities? Don't have time for expensive classes? This may give you just the taste you are looking for.

I have trained my eye to look at your own unique astrological blueprint from a spiritual perspective.

Along with the insights I receive from your chart, I also incorporate intuitive guidance for how best to use your abilities and overcome karmic lessons. Suggestions for continued study, mentoring, and exercises to work your particular psychic abilities will be offered.

A truly powerful session, and one of the most popular.

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NEW! Wheel of Life Yearly Insights

Inspired by the Pagan Wheel of Life Yearly Calendar, this NEW! service allows you to receive monthly guidance, hand delivered as a pdf document to your email inbox once per month.

Each month you get to:

1. Ask one question for psychic guidance
2. Receive additional guidance based on the monthly theme

Allow the insights to build from month to month for the most powerful psychic experience!

JANUARY: Channeled guidance overall for the new year.

FEBRUARY: Strengthening your inner fire, all about your passions.

MARCH: Release, Relinquish and Renew!

APRIL: The month of action, you will receive what needs doing to set the tone for future months.

MAY: Hear from spiritual guides, offering guidance on your life path.

JUNE: Use the energy of your Sun (Zodiac) sign to improve your life!

JULY: Past Lives Revealed.

AUGUST: A Mid-Year Check-in, questions answered.

SEPTEMBER: Mastering my mind/spirit connection.

OCTOBER: Hear this month from one loved one crossed over.

NOVEMBER: Clear Your Mind! This month hear how you can best calm the cluttered voice that often takes you over.

DECEMBER: A year in review, with recommendations for the upcoming year.

Cost for the Wheel of Life Yearly Insights is $50 per month, or $499 paid in full for a full year.

Contact Chanda to start receiving your monthly readings by emailing


*PSYCHIC BOOTCAMP – Uncover and kick start your own intuitive and psychic abilities with a personal coach and mentor guiding the process. Together we will experiment with exercises designed to suit your own unique sensitivities.

* Discover which of the “three clairs,” clairsentient, clairaudient or clairvoyant, you are.

* Learn about your mission, purpose, spiritual gifts and soul's urges through the eyes of your own unique and individual astrological report.

* Meet your spirit guides again, or perhaps for the first time, explore through energy work, auras, the chakras, learn how to detect, sense and read energy, correct and heal auric fields, mediumship, automatic writing, intuition and more!

* Gain clarity on how to use your abilities in a practical way in everyday life OR for those intending to become professional psychics, receive guidance on how to conduct yourself in a professional session with others.

Cost for the program is $569. Pay in full at registration and receive $50 off!

Included are 4 one-hour sessions and access to Chanda by email in between as well as her handbook for psychic development. Sessions are offered by phone, skype or in person. Set up your initial FREE consultation with Chanda by calling Chanda at (651) 698-3257 or emailing


SOUL PATH CONSULTING – Experience a system designed over the course of the past six years that will shift your current reality, allowing you to heal and release the past, coming more fully into the present and ready to embrace your highest essence.

Throughout the course of four powerful information packed one-on-one sessions, Chanda uses her clairvoyant abilities to see and detect what you are being encouraged to release from the past, whether it be emotional, spiritual or mental blocks.

Next you will have the opportunity to release the hold the past has on you through a series of exercises that offer forgiveness, healing and closure. You will discover what lessons you are here to learn.

After that, hear about the intention your spirit AND soul set forth in this lifetime and align yourself completely with that intention, specifically that of your divine spark, that part of you the shines it's brightest light.

If you are wishing to take your life and purpose to the next level, this program is for you. Bring your life to the table, uncover your purpose and find down to earth practical direction through Chanda’s unique approach to facilitating your spirit's true calling.

Tools such as astrology, mind mastery techniques and intentions create a powerful experience guaranteed to move you to the next level in your life.

Cost for the program is $569. Pay in full at registration and receive $50 off!

Included are 4 one-hour sessions and access to Chanda by email in between as well as her handbook for psychic development. Sessions are offered by phone, skype or in person. Set up your initial FREE consultation with Chanda by calling Chanda at (651) 698-3257 or emailing



NEW!! Chanda is now offering in person Past Life Regression sessions at the Helping You Heal Center in Stillwater, MN on select Tuesdays.

Ever wonder where you have lived, who you were or what sorts of things you experienced in your past lives? Explore this world with the help of Past Life Regression Therapy.

Chanda leads you through a 90 minute regression with the assistance of hypnosis. Cost is $150 and includes a CD recording of your session.

Please inquire to set up your own appointment in this beautiful and relaxing space. You may also meet by skype. Phone regression sessions are not offered at this time.

Please let Chanda know your preferred way of experiencing this wonderful techinque when you purchase the service (651) 698-3257 or emailing


PSYCHIC PARTIES – Will travel within a 40 mile radius of the Twin Cities. Inquire about rates by calling Chanda at (651) 698-3257 or emailing


GIFT CERTIFICATES– purchase a reading or package with Chanda for someone’s birthday or a holiday gift.

Instructions for purchasing a gift certificate:

1. Go to the store on Chanda's web site and pay for the session you would like to give someone. Click HERE for the store.

2. State in the paypal purchase who the reading is for.

3. Then gift a card to the person you are giving the reading to with my contact information.

4. When they contact me we will schedule the reading.

If you have questions, call Chanda at (651) 698-3257 or emailing


* EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2012 I no longer offer readings in person. (Reasons for this are many, including the ease of doing readings from my home by phone, keeping rates reasonable by avoiding expensive overhead, and as well I am not distracted by your body language. I offer the clearest and BEST guidance by phone, it has been that way for me from the beginning. I also do not record sessions, but do take lots of notes that I will either email or snailmail to you depending on your preference).

* I DO still offer mentoring and coaching packages in person, skype or by phone, please inquire.

For ways to connect with me live please see my calendar page for upcoming classes, bootcamp opportunities and gallery events.

* please note...all services are booked first come/first serve basis after the service has been paid for in full. Go to the store page to make your purchase and Chanda will contact you to schedule. Flexible payment plans are available for the psychic bootcamp and soul path consulting programs.

** Cash, money orders or credit card (Visa or Mastercard) accepted