Favorite Links and Practitioners

Personal Growth and Study:

The Grateful Goddess, an empowerment group for women | thegratefulgoddess.com

An all around excellent resource for spirituality and holistic living | hayhouse.com

Free Tarot Study Course | learntarot.com

This site is dedicated to the breath practice known as Holotropic Breath, an incredible personal healing technique | breathwork.com

My favorite holistic living journal | edgelife.net

If you are into dream analysis, this is the most comprehensive | dreamemporium.com

Planning something? Check Void and Mercury Retrograde with | astroinsights.com

What you need to know about the late great Clairvoyant Edgar Cayce |edgarcayce.org



Dowsing expert and Intuitive Jodie Harvala | jodieharvala.com

Massage and Channeling with Elizabeth Hager | fevighager@yahoo.com

Soul Coach Micara Link | soulspirationsbymicara.com

Massage and Spa Services Relaxation Plus | relaxationplusmn.com

Acupuncture Two Turtles Wellness Jen DeMaio | 2turtleswellness.com

Intuitive Laura Egland | soulfireblue.com


Medium and filmmaker Troy Parkinson | troyparkinson.com

An incredible Master Intuitive, Author and Speaker Kathryn Harwig | harwig.com

Friend, Numerologist and Core Passion co-founder Wes Hamilton|weshamilton.com

Lori Palm, Core Passion co-founder Lori Palm |corepassion.com

Soul Messenger John Peterson |psy-guy.com


Wonderful friend, Healer and Astrologer Sheri Woxland | atthehealingplace.com


A highly respected hypnotherapist and teacher Mary Elizabeth Raines | laughingcherub.com