" Chanda, thank you so much for all that you do. The information and insight you gave me during our session was so powerful. You have no idea how much it impacted me. You truly have a gift and I really appreciate you using it serve others. Thank you again.

- Steve, Fargo, ND

"During my last reading you said I would get the job and it was between me and another person (they ended up hiring us both) you also said "who is the woman with short dark hair and glasses" That turned out to be my boss. You said there would be power struggles but all would work out ok. That is totally happening...you are awesome!"

- Brandie Berg, Fargo, ND

"Taking Chanda’s Psychic Boot Camp was an exhilarating journey. I learned various techniques and meditations that have helped open up my intuitive abilities. Chanda is an amazing and kind-hearted teacher. You can tell she truly wants to help you discover your own inner abilities. I highly recommend the Psychic Boot Camp to anyone and everyone; whether you are interested in developing your own abilities or if you are just intrigued by this type of work and want to learn more."

- Heather, Fargo, ND

"Thank you so much for everything you have given me and everything you have taught me! I feel like I finally see who I truly am! I know I still have a lot of work to do, but I am finally confident that I am on the right track!"

- Jennifer Miller, Brainerd, MN

"Thank you, Chanda, for your guidance. I would not have been able to make all the decisions and transitions the past few months without you. You have a special knack of knowing how to encourage – gently – and what you suggest always makes perfect sense. You listen – and you hear – what I’m saying. Thank you for opening the door to the other side for me as well. I feel nurtured and supported knowing that my parents and grandparents who have crossed over are guiding my steps too. You’re a great guide and coach, but I also thank you for caring about my journey."

- Lynn Isom, Rockville, MD

"Taking Chanda's Intuitive Bootcamp class was a pivitol turning point in my life. Chanda provided a safe and nurturing space for me to open up to my gifts and abilities while offering encouragement, support, and guidance. My life has completely changed since I took her class; it's more amazing than I could have ever imagined! I am forever thankful for the opportunity and time spent learning from Chanda."

- Micara Link, Fargo, ND

"Your messages helped validate some things for me and have given me a sense of direction. I appreciated it immensely."

- Paulette, Fargo, ND