About Chanda

Chanda ParkinsonHow did I get into this? My fascination began at age 23 when I first met my husband Troy and we adventured to Boston, Massachusetts. Grief hit me hard that year, I was devoted to learning all I could about the afterlife when several family members died right within a few months of each other. Needless to say, this traumatic experience started me on my own truth journey. It set me on a path of learning and self-discovery that has led me to the work I do now as a Psychic Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher and Soul Path Consultant.

What a ride it has been, and wow what an amazing life to be able to help people with my gifts and abilities. Who knew a small town girl like me would be able to fly from the nest and find my true calling? It still blows my mind to this day, and I thank god daily for helping me stay the course.

My background: I have had so many interests and passions, maybe too many to count! I remember days of flipping burgers at the tasty freeze in my hometown. I also waited tables at a pub in Boston, MA. I have been a professional house cleaner, I have a Masters Degree in Theatre Education, I was in over 20 stage plays and musicals, I worked as a chiropractic assistant, I facilitated trainings at the public broadcasting affiliate in Fargo, ND and was even a nanny for two wonderful families. I feel truly blessed to have had so many unique and interesting stops on my journey. They have all helped me build character and peel back to my truest essence. For that I am truly thankful!

You are tired of reading "woo-woo" books about thinking positive and find yourself feeling unsettled most of the time no matter how many self help books you read. I understand you. I am most famously known as a "compassionate pitbull" and if you agree to do a session with me, you will hear the truth. The truth about what the roadblocks and barriers are to the life waiting for you. I don't waste your time (or mine) and so a reading with me is less about having a conversation and more about getting to the meat of the matter. I guarantee you will be crystal clear what needs to change for you to move forward.

Get to know the REAL me. Here goes...

Dark chocolate
Earl Grey Tea
Hot baths
Wholesome home cooked food
Uninterrupted time with my family
Snuggles with my kids
Private time with Troy

Donna Woolfolk Cross, Pope Joan
Anita Diamant, The Red Tent
Paula Deen, It Ain’t All About the Cooking
Sarah Bartlett, The Tarot Bible
Lynn A. Robinson, Divine Intuition
Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love
Troy Parkinson, Bridge to the Afterlife
Kathryn Harwig, The Intuitive Advantage

North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii
69 Beach on the Big Island, Hawaii
Camping and hiking in Missoula, Montana
Anything in Portland, Oregon
The Redwoods in Northern California
Times Square in New York City
Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts
My childhood home in Burlington, North Dakota

GPS (never go anywhere without one)
Multiple car seats
Bottled distilled water
Trident Original flavor gum
Empty coffee mugs
Extra diapers
Underground Parking Pass
Cereal bars and crackers smashed into the back seat rug by someone’s foot